Thermatt™ synthetic hair is the latest in cutting edge beauty.
Our Thermatt hair is made from a unique material that can handle temperatures up to 180 degress. It can be styled just like your own hair with no need to worry about damaging your extensions.

Isn’t synthetic hair shiny?
Not Thermatt! Thermatt hair looks, feels and moves just like human hair. It’s smooth and silky with a natural texture that blends with your own hair so that no-one will be even be able to tell that you are wearing extensions.

Is Thermatt tested on animals?
100% synthetic, Thermatt extensions are ethically produced and completely cruelty-free.

How should I care for my Thermatt extensions?
Regular brushing while you are wearing it is enough to keep your Thermatt Extensions in tip- top condition.
If you need to wash your extensions, you can carefully clean them using a gentle shampoo following the direction of the strands and leaving them to air dry.

Do you stock my shade?
We stock more than 20 shades and there is a colour matching service available if you’re not sure which one to go for. Just send us a clear image of your hair in natural light and we will match it to your perfect BiYa shade.
Use our free colour matching service here.

How do Thermatt Hair extensions compare to Human Hair extensions?

Thermatt Hair Human Hair
Can be heat styled   Can be heat styled  
Long lasting style   Doesn’t hold styles well  
Does not react to weather/humidity   Can react in damp conditions  
Affordable   Expensive  
Ethically sourced   Source often unknown  
Colour will not fade   Colour fades with time  
Lighter and more comfortable   Heavy in weight  
Can be dyed   Can be dyed  
Long life span   Long life span